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Beta 7 Fixed cases where ships cross jump gates and only use them after turning back. Beta 7 Fixed some cases of capital ships not defending themselves when being attacked. Beta 7 Fixed some cases of mining ships not collecting tagged asteroids on Mining mode. Beta 7 Fixed hacked ships still being able to use their jump drive. Beta 7 Fixed several cases of ships being invisible, or appearing and disappearing (problem introduced in 4.

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Beta 7 Fixed issue with activating auto pilot from a menu while near a large object. Beta 7 Fixed pre-selected line in menus not being on-screen in all situations. Beta 7 Fixed mouse steering being active initially when starting a game in some cases. Beta 7 Fixed text overlapping mission objective bar. Beta 7 Fixed muffled exterior sounds after loading a savegame while on a platform without quitting to main menu. RC1 Fixed some zones not being visible from inside nearby highway. RC1 Fixed visibility range of huge asteroid in Verdant Profit. RC1 Fixed external camera view on mass traffic ships aborting when zooming out too far.

RC1 Fixed external target view being zoomed out far too much on some ships. RC1 Fixed cockpit camera movement not working directly after loading a savegame. RC1 Fixed missing icon for selected mass traffic ship in external target view in some situations (problem introduced in 4. RC1 Fixed obstructed target elements when docked at Teladi capital ships. RC1 Fixed several issues with mission guidance involving highways. RC1 Fixed stations not always being connected to each other with mass traffic if there is more than one highway nearby.

RC1 Fixed case where having the auto pilot follow a jumping capital ship could make the player end up in an invalid position. RC1 Fixed engines on small ship wrecks sometimes appearing not to be wrecked even though they are wrecked and do not function. RC1 Fixed relative movement when entering the Skunk's back room.

RC1 Fixed trading menus not remembering previous sort settings (problem introduced in 4. RC1 Fixed equip drone/missile trades not updating when scheduled.

RC1 Fixed rounding issue in trade price display. RC1 Fixed escape pods immediately self-destructing (problem introduced in 4. RC1 Fixed ships assigned to a commander not working after receiving a new Captain. RC1 Fixed lockboxes dropping useless Boarding Experience seminars (problem introduced in 4. RC1 Fixed upkeep missions to transfer credits not completing if the wanted amount was reduced.

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RC1 Fixed Game Paused message text not being centered. RC1 Fixed throttle feedback sound being played when pressing "full stop" key while in a menu. RC1 Fixed menu crash when viewing certain modules of R&D Chem Labs in the Encyclopedia. RC1 Fixed huge savegames caused by economy statistics data (problem introduced in 4. RC2 Fixed external view camera getting too close to the player ship (problem introduced in 4.

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RC2 Fixed incorrect throttle setting when returning from the Skunk's back room while being dragged along by a capital ship. RC2 Fixed trade ships remaining passive when new planned trips are added while undocking after last planned trip. RC2 Fixed capital ships losing combat drones that tried to follow enemies into highways. RC2 Fixed erratic autopilot movement when flying near station's surface elements. RC2 Fixed inventory ware entries not being marked as read in the encyclopedia (new feature in 4. RC2 Fixed 'Withdraw from Battle' order not properly working in some situations.

RC2 Fixed several cases of lost combat drones launched from capital ships. RC2 Fixed player owned escort capital ships having wrong behaviour when their commander's captain is replaced. RC2 Fixed rare cases of ships teleporting after giving new fly orders if they were moving previously. RC2 Fixed some cases of area damage not working correctly. RC2 Fixed follow behavior for squad ships, where occasionally bumped the Skunk. RC2 Fixed Minimum Recommended Budget for drones/missiles sometimes not updating correctly (problem introduced in 4.

RC2 Fixed builder ships not being able to receive wares from stations in high attention. RC2 Fixed transport drones taking too much time to reach their destination.

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RC2 Fixed rare cases of incorrectly positioned elements in menus. RC2 Fixed cases where no mission target was displayed.

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RC2 Fixed crosshair not showing mission target arrow. RC2 Fixed targeting issues in gamepad mode. RC2 Fixed several issues with event monitor during campaign. RC2 Fixed too frequent "Incoming missile" warnings. RC2 Fixed various cases of ships and other objects that moved too far away from any known zones. RC2 Fixed issues with certain savegames taking an excessively long time to load.

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RC3 Fixed collision avoidance being active when controlling a torpedo. RC3 Fixed ships becoming invisible, especially during escort missions. RC3 Fixed autoaim being very inaccurate for weapons with a weapon mod (new feature in 4. RC3 Fixed repair drones getting damaged by their owner's engines (new feature in 4. RC3 Fixed boarded capital ship escorts continuing to escort after boarding.

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RC3 Fixed pirate station being selected for hacking mission in plot (new feature in 4. RC3 Fixed tutorials placing objects in highways (new feature in 4.

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RC3 Fixed "collectables" tutorial sometimes getting stuck (new feature in 4. RC3 Fixed flight school not aborting when another tutorial starts (new feature in 4. RC3 Fixed object menu layout with NPC subordinate ships. RC3 Fixed build upgrade selection not preselecting lines correctly (problem introduced in 4. RC3 Fixed buttons in upkeep section of mission manager menu (new feature in 4. RC3 Fixed trade transactions with outdated amounts (new feature in 4. RC3 Fixed price and profit calculation in trade deal case (new feature in 4. RC3 Fixed green trade deals menu (new feaature in 4.

RC3 Fixed missing text for Onil engine.

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RC3 Fixed external camera clipping through the playership in highways (problem introduced in 4. Beta 5 [TTO] Fixed playership being immovable on first game start in very rare situations. RC1 [TTO] Fixed some navigation issues with NPC ships flying to Albion gate in Fields of Oportunity. Beta 5 [HoL] Fixed player-owned warehouses being magically filled with certain wares and configured to trade these when a manager is assigned. Beta 4 [HoL] Fixed capital ships attempting to trade with Home of Light CVs getting stuck. Beta 4 [HoL] Fixed police ships in Home of Light belonging to PMC!

Beta 5 [HoL] Fixed missing tradeoffer locations on Home of Light builder ships. Beta 6 [HoL] Fixed missing dock for m-sized ships on TerraCorp HQ (completes fix not correctly applied in 4.

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Beta 7 [HoL] Fixed new HoL weapons not being taken into account for Pimp My Ride achievement. RC2 [HoL] Fixed transitions from local highways into superhighways in Home of Light.